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Cindy Henry Studio

one hundred paintings 2024

week 9—blind contour

There is no drawing quite so honest as a blind contour drawing that is absent from the judgment of the maker. Beginning with blind contour drawings of workspaces, I collaged, painted, and worked with negative shape and line to create these works.

week 8—edges

Inspired by the quilts of Gees Bend, these works explore hard, soft, and rough edges. 

week 7—shape meditations

This set of works were created in assembly-line style by first painting a shape on all ten substrates, then collaging a shape, and proceding by alternating between paint and collage to create spontaneous compositions.  

week 6—pattern on a grid

In these works, I experimented with unlikely juxtapositions of color and pattern within the structure of an irregular grid. It was surprrising to see these come together in such lively asssemblages from  such a variety of unrelated parts. 

Week 5—central cluster format

My challenge this week was to work with elements of painted and collaged shape, pattern, and line in a clutered forrmat with lots of breathing room. 

Week 4—Scribbles

I just love the drawn line, and a scribbling is our first and last drawing expereience. In these works I explored teh freedom of the scribble while attempting tot control density, visual weight, and depth. 

Week 3—four colors

A limited color palette and painting with collage provided the groundwork for this set of works. 

Week 2—floating stripes

This set of works was an exploration in contrast of pattern.  The goal was to achieve unity through structure only,  varying color, scale, width, saturation, degree of contrast, value, etc.

Week 1—Blobs and Lines

This work began as an exploration of using value to create depth, and contrasting the drawn line with solid areas of paint, hard edges with softt edges, dark against light, and color against neutral.